Our Collaboration Philosophy

Our research is multidisciplinary in nature. In the last several years, numerous fruitful collaborations with researchers in a variety of specialties have been established.

A large part of our success is because of these collaborations with specialists in materials synthesis and characterization, surface scientists, electrochemists, and chemical engineers.

In case you belive that a collaboration with us will result in a synergy all can benefit from, please get in contact with

The following is a non-exhaustive list of our collaborations (continuously updating).


Name Country Topic
Peter Strasser Germany Supported electrocatalysts for PEM fuel cells and water electrolysers
Christina Scheu Germany Photoelectrochemistry and microscopy
Bastian Etzold Germany Ionic liquid modified electrocatalyst
Ulrike Krewer Germany Electrochemical microkinetic modelling
Olaf Magnussen Germany Platinum single crystals oxidation and dissolution


Name Country Topic
Hamish Miller Italy Electrocatalysts for AEM fuel cells
Marc Koper Nederland Electrochemistry of perovskites
Frederic Jaouen France Non-noble metals fuel cell electrocatalysts
Nejc Hodnik Slovenia Noble metals recycling
Jakub Drnec France Synchrotron diffractometry and spectroscopy
Dario Dekel Israel Electrocatalysts for AEM fuel cells
Ib Chorkendorff Denmark Size selected Pt clusters
Matthias Arenz Switzerland “Tool-box” synthesized nanoparticles for PEM fuel cells and water electrolysers