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Transportation sector is currently a major contributor to greenhouse gas pollution. Therefore, the mobility especially, must undergo a transition to reduce emissions and to slow down climate changes. Electrification of trains using alcohol fuel cells seems to be a viable solution in this transition process mainly due to the safer and milder operation conditions compared to traditional hydrogen fuel cells. However, the optimization of electrocatalyst performance for electrocatalytic oxidation of secondary alcohols is still an ongoing fuel cell research problem. In particular, the effective screening methods for synthesis of new materials and in situ analytical methods are needed for faster and better understanding of this process.

Therefore in my PhD, I will focus on high-throughput synthesis of model electrocatalyst libraries for alcohol fuel cells and the evaluation of the electrocatalysts performance by a scanning flow cell coupled to an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (online ICP-MS).


2020 Chemist at Infineum (United Kingdom), New product development of engine oil additives
2018-2019 Research trainee at Korea Institute of Energy Research (South Korea), Catalytic hydrogenation of bio-crude oil by supercritical ethanol
2017 Exchange student at Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands)
2016-2018 M.Sc. Chemical Engineering, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague (Czech Republic), Thesis: Density functional theory as a tool for interfacial properties
2015 Exchange student at Technical University of Denmark (Denmark)
2013-2016 B.Sc. Chemistry, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague (Czech Republic), Thesis: Formation of micro-cellular polymeric foams prepared by the method of thermally induced phase separation