Nico Röttcher


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Facing the challenge of climate change, hydrogen has been identified as promising energy storage and with it fuel cells as a crucial technology for an efficient release of energy. Recent advancements in the research of alkaline exchange membrane fuel cells (AEMFC) and the possibility of using cheaper platinum group metal-free electrocatalysts make them a promising alternative to currently commercialized fuel cells. To investigate the performance of electrocatalysts under realistic potentials a gas diffusion electrode (GDE) setup can be used which combines the benefits of conventionally used thin-film rotating disk electrode (TF-RDE) and membrane electrode assembly (MEA).


In my master thesis, I will focus on the investigation of the performance of state-of-the-art electrocatalysts for the hydrogen oxidation reaction (HOR) using a GDE setup. Additional electrochemical methods will be applied to gain mechanistic insights under realistic fuel cell potentials.


04/2021- present Master Student at the Helmholtz Institute Erlangen Nürnberg for Renewable Energy, Erlangen, Germany
04/2019- present M.Sc. Student in Chemistry, Georg-August University Göttingen, Germany
02/2020- 07/2020 Erasmus+ semester abroad, University of Groningen, Netherlands
10/2015- 04/2019 B.Sc. Chemistry, Georg-August University Göttingen, Germany, Thesis: Photochemical CO2-Reduction with Rhenium (l)-Catalysts