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In the context of renewable energy sources, fuel cells are highlighted. These devices can convert chemical energy into electrical energy and allow the direct use of liquid fuels such as ethanol, the most common among the studies in the green electrocatalysis area, as well as other small organic molecules like acetol, which has been studied in the field of green catalysis and energy and can be obtained from the dehydration of glycerol. One of the challenges is to develop an electrocatalyst with high activity to catalyze the oxidation reaction of fuels, with high stability and efficiency in operation.

The goal of my BEPE fellowship is to evaluate the dissolution of electrocatalysts based on Pd, Sn, Nb, and Fe, destined for the anode of alkaline direct liquid cells, as this is one of the main factors affecting the life cycle of a fuel cell. For that, accelerated stress tests will be performed using a rotating disk electrode (RDE) to evaluate the dissolution of metals, which will be investigated quantitatively using an electrochemical scanning flow cell (SFC) coupled to an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (On-line ICP-MS), allowing the determination of dissolution products with low degradation rates. This is new for alkaline liquid fuel cells, and it is expected that this research will contribute to a better understanding of these materials in fuel cells operating conditions.


2022-present Guest PhD student at Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nürnberg for Renewable Energy. Supervised by Serhiy Cherevko. Topic: “Online Analysis of the Dissolution of Palladium-based Electrocatalysts in Alkaline Medium”
2019-present PhD candidate in Science and Technology/Chemistry, UFABC - currently attending. Supervised by Dr. Mauro Coelho dos Santos. Topic: “Nanostructured Electrocatalysts based on Pt, Pd and Low Cost Oxides for Energy and Environment applications”
2016-2018 MSc in Science and Technology/Chemistry, UFABC (2016-2018) - completed. Supervised by Dr. Mauro Coelho dos Santos. Dissertation: “Study of the Addition of CeO2-nanorods in Hybrid Electrocatalysts based on PtSn for Ethanol Electrochemical Oxidation in Acid Medium.
2014-2015 Bsc in Chemical Engineering, FASB
2010-2013 Bsc in Chemistry, FASB
2009-2019 Quality control (Small company in the pharmaceutical segment) Responsible for physical-chemical and microbiological quality control.
2008-2009 Intern quality control (Medium-sized company in the metallurgical and steel industry) Chemical analysis involving solids content, aluminum percentage, granulometry, preparation of solutions, among others.
2007-2009 Technician in Chemistry, SENAI

2019- present FAPESP PhD student / Continuing Flow - Scholarship Holder