Our visiting researcher Dr. Dyovani Coelho just joined us!

12 September 2022

Dr. Dyovani Coelho is from Brazil and was granted with a Sao Paulo Foundation Research fellowship to do a postdoctoral research internship at the EEC group from September/2022 to August/2023.

Dyovani received his Ph.D. at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. His thesis was focused on the underpotential deposition of Bi, Pb, and Cu on electrodeposited selenium film. After that, he began his postdoctoral at the Federal University of Sao Carlos where he studied the use of photoelectrocatalysts based on BiVO4 and WO3 to water oxidation. Now he is investigating the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) and oxygen evolution reaction (OER) on metal phosphides based on Ni, Co, and Fe and the morphological and composition changes that follow the reactions. To do that, he will track the process by Scanning Flow Cell online with Inductive Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (SFC-ICP-MS). The synthesis of new catalysts must pass through an intense investigation aiming strategies to produce inexpensive, efficient, and stable electrolyzers.

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The Best Poster Award won by Carolin Sophie Igel in the 8th Baltic Electrochemistry Conference

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Our latest study on backing electrode degradation during OER is now published in ACS Catalysis!

1 December 2023

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Congratulations to Pascal and Ken for receiving a DAAD scholarship to do a research exchange in the US!

28 November 2023

Well done, Pascal and Ken!

Joanna Przybysz joined us as a Master student!

1 May 2023

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The Best Poster Award won by Tuani Carla Gentil in the 34th Topical Meeting of the ISE

23 March 2023

Great job, Tuani!

Lucía Morales joined our group as a new Master student!

7 March 2023

Welcome, Lucía!

Ken has been selected for the HIDA Trainee Network!

17 February 2023

Congratulations, Ken!

Konrad successfully defended his PhD thesis

16 December 2022

Congratulations, Dr. Konrad Ehelebe!

Carolin Igel joined our group as a new Master student!

21 October 2022

Welcome, Carolin!

Visiting researcher Dr. Kavita Kumar also joined our group!

13 September 2022

Welcome, Kavita!

Kamyar Parsi joined us as a new master student!

8 September 2022

Welcome, Kamyar!

Yunsheng Qiu joined our team as a PhD student!

23 August 2022

Welcome, Yunsheng!

Daniel and Konrad will attend the upcoming Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting!

6 May 2022

Congratulations, Daniel and Konrad!

Daniel and Ken got an ECS Travel Grant Award!

6 May 2022

Congratulations, Daniel and Ken!

Alexandre Nozadze joined our group as a bachelor student!

1 April 2022

Welcome, Alexandre!

Our ACS Energy Letters paper is a highly read article!

3 March 2022

Congratulations, Konrad!

Tuani Carla Gentil joined us as a guest researcher!

1 March 2022

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